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Life After Law // What Will You Do With the Next 6,000 Days?
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What happens when you decide to leave the practice of law? Noted law practice management expert Ed Poll takes you through the transition to your "second season."
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Praise for Life After Law by Ed Poll

"Whether you have spent decades in the legal profession, or entered it as a second or even third career, transitioning out of a la practice takes a good deal of thought and action. This book gives lawyers a roadmap to take the next steps, with stops along the way that we can consider as well. Life After Law fills a gap in career advice literature by telling lawyers what is necessary and advisable to personally and professionally transition out of the practice. It is essential information for all generations of lawyers."

Avarita L. Hanson, Executive Director; Chief Justice's Commission on Professionalism, Georgia Bar

"Ed Poll's Life After Law provides cogent and thoughtful insights into strategies for transitioning to a new phase after completing a career in practicing law. It is a vital resource for anyone who is planning for retirement, with enlightening reflections on winding down the practice and preparing for the future. It should be read by all attorneys, even those not necessarily thinking of retirement, as there is valuable information on preparing for the unforeseen events that can incapacitate an attorney's ability to manage his or her practice."

Murry B. Greenberg, President, National Organization of Bar Counsel

"I've practiced law for over 40 years, getting ready to retire, and I thought your book and program, "Life After Law," were excellent. I'd urge attorneys of any age in any jurisdiction to attend your program. It's not only for prospective retirees: It gives sound practice advice to those attorneys not ready to retire. I now have my own 'exit strategy' in progress thanks to you."

Bernard A. Allen, Esq.

"A MUST READ FOR LAWYERS OF ALL AGES. What Will You Do With the Next 6,000 Days? Ed's book is a must read for all lawyers and not just lawyers contemplating retirement. This well written and practical book will help guide lawyers of any age to really think about how to plan their career and, ultimately, their retirement. It's the type of book that should be read every few years to make sure you are on track with your career and retirement goals. The sample forms are outstanding. The book has a lot of material and digs deeply into all the necessary questions, but is still a fast and enjoyable read. "

Carole Levitt, President, Internet For Lawyers

"I want to extend my compliments to you on your excellent presentation at the Orange County Bar's Solo/Small Firm Section meeting. You were well-prepared. Your material was relevant. Your style of delivery was professional, yet comfortable. And, most importantly, you had the complete attention of the audience throughout."

Jerome M. Bame, Esq.

"Ed Poll is a sage voice in the realm of law practice management. His new book, Life After Law, provides an excellent framework from which to manage one's contemplation and effectuation of exit from the practice, for solos and multi-partner firm members alike."

David J. Abeshouse – NY Business Mediator, Arbitrator, Litigator

"The advice given in the book is insightful and thoughtful and obviously comes from years of experience that have focused on estate planning, retirement planning, valuation, sales of practices, and creation of opportunities for enjoyment of life outside of the practice of law....the book contains much more than common sense. It contains “how-tos”, checklists, methods and approaches for planning and frank and direct discussions of alternatives and concerns that will be valuable for all of those in the end stages of their careers."

Jim Heiting, Partner, Heiting and Irwin, Past President, California State Bar Association

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